Friday, March 1, 2013

Beat Your Dog's Boredom

Dogs get into trouble when they're not exercised enough and not engaged enough. They get bored and when a dog gets bored - it can lead to destruction. By keeping your dog mentally occupied and giving your dog a daily exercise routine that will allow him an outlet for pent up energy.

 Simple advice like making slight changes when you walk your dog can make it more fun and you.

  1. 1. Spice Up Your Daily Walk
  2. Harnesses
  3. Leashes
  4. 2. Clicker Training
  5. Clickers from Amazon
  6. More Clicker Items
  7. Clicker Training
  8. 3. Agility Training
  9. Agility Training Aides
  10. Agility Training
  11. 4. Entertaining Toys
  12. Toys for Busy Dogs from Amazon
  13. Watch How Much Fun this Activity Feeder Entertains this Schipperke
  14. Poll Module
  15. 5. Riding Shotgun
  16. Car Seats from Amazon
  17. Car Accessories
  18. My Heart Beats Dog
  19. More Canine Resources

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