Thursday, February 28, 2013

Stylish Bar Stools

If you've been shopping for bar stools for a room in your home, you may not have tried shopping on the internet. It opens up a whole new world of styles to chose from.

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  4. Bar Stools with No Back
  5. Folding Bar Stools
  6. Folding Bar Stools

I'm Now a Hat Person

I've never been a big hat person. Hoods worked for me and since they were attached I couldn't lose them. But the new fedora styles for summer and cute knitted styles for winter have turned me into a fan.

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  6. Wild Plant Hat

Shock Jock Howard Stern

Howard has really mellowed over the years and it's probably inaccurate to use that phrase. He's not so shocking any more. He seems less angry and happier and I still enjoy listening to him on Sirius/XM.

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  2. The Wack Pack
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  4. Private Parts
  5. Robin Quivers
  6. Howard Stern Keeping His Cool with BabaBooey

Top Brands of Front Loading Washing Machines

There's no doubt in my mind that my next washer will be a front loader. There's so many reasons to invest in a name brand front load washer. The savings in energy and water usage are two of the best reasons. We're especially aware of our water usage because we live in the desert.

 The design of the front loader washer means that less water is needed although clothes get cleaner. The drum area can also create such powerful spin that you can reduce dryer time which save a lot on electricity.

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  5. Samsung Washers and Dryers
  6. LG Washing Machines

Accoutrements Horse Head Mask

This so called toy seems to appeal to grownups as well as kids. The horse head mask is great for practical jokes and funny picture opportunities.

If you actually polled all owners of these realistic looking masks you are more likely to find young adults are in the majority.  They are a great way to make boring vacation photos more fun.

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  6. Creepy Horse Head Mask

Table Top Easles

It make so much sense to buy a table top easle rather than a full size easle. For many of us, art is a hobby. It's usually difficult to find room to set up a permanent area. The answer is this portable easel. It's sturdy everyone is happy with the amount of storage the drawer offers.

If you have artistic kids who you want to encourage to continue using their artistic skills, this design is a great table top easel for kids

The other big bonus of having a table top easel is you have the comfort of sitting in a comfortable chair while you're working. Why make it hard on yourself?

I know from personal experience that if it's a real chore for me to set up a project, I'm less apt to really work on it very often.

Brother XL2600i Free Arm Sewing Machine

I've researching models of sewing machines for beginners because that's my level of expertise when it comes to sewing. I really thought that this Brother free arm sewing machine was quite a good deal for the money. The price is reasonable and it has quite a few automatic features for a cheap sewing machine. Although it's primarily designed as a basic machine, from what I gathered from opinions stated on Amazon, people were able to use fairly thick material for mending and sewing projects. People looking for a hardy machine for various projects would be satisfied with this sewing machine.

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Sonic Wave CD-2800 Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

This jewelry cleaning machine truly has more than one purpose. The Sonic Wave CD-2800 Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner is somewhat mislabeled as it really is able to clean tattoo supplies and other metals pieces as well. This unit is reasonably priced and a breeze to use. In just a matter of minutes people are able to shine up their costume jewelry as well as the "good stuff".
The best place to discover ideas about using this machine is in reviews posted by people that have bought the machine. People report using it for cleaning gun parts to dentures!

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My Journey After Retirement

I really should say life after getting laid off and living on my pension. I've been trying to make a small living on the internet for years. I've had good years and bad and have learned a lot along the way. My latest quest is to become successful on Squidoo. While still enjoying every day of my retirement!